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Monthly Archives January 2013

Getting It Done

My mother is getting married. Again. I am excited for her, but at the same time, it is her 4th marriage (and 7th or so time being engaged). It is sometimes hard to think THIS time it will stick. But that is already besides the point. The point is, she has asked me to be her maid of honor and stand up at her 4th wedding. I can’t very well say no, so instead I swallowed the snide comments I had at the back of my throat and agreed to be her maid of honor. In less than a month.

Of course, the wedding is happening very quickly. I think part of the reason why this one is being so rushed is to make sure the groom doesn’t back out (it has happened). The sooner she gets him legally bound to her, the easier it will be for her to gain some financial stability—something she has always been lacking.

All sarcasm aside now, I have to squeeze myself into a very specific (and very form fitting dress) just in time for groundhog day. Said dress is sleeveless and backless, as my mother is getting married in FLORIDA of all places. Her new fiancee lives in Florida, and I live in bitter cold Colorado. That means I have to get out of hibernation mode and into shape…FAST!

I have a little more than two weeks to get into that dress. I know I don’t have access to a magic wand, and I don’t have the budget (or recovery time) for cosmetic surgery. So I started looking into some of the most effective diets (I refuse to do anything that has to do with enemas or colonics…the YUCK factor is just too much for me) and some killer exercise programs. I know I won’t have a miracle occur in two weeks, but I think I can make SOMETHING happen.

The Insanity workout review is the one that really caught my attention. From everything I have gathered, it is a very effective and hard core workout program. I am pretty sure that if I can do the workout every day for the next two weeks while I monitor what I eat very carefully, I may be able to squeeze into said dress for said wedding. I am pretty sure it will work.

Show Your Body Not Your Body Hair

Show Your Body Not Your Body Hair

There is nothing like the hot summer sun, the smell of chlorine mingling with sunscreen, and the sounds of people splashing in the cool, blue water. But when you open your eyes and look around and see some of the hairiest people you have ever seen, it may make you look twice at your own bathing suit body. As a woman, I sometimes struggle with keeping my bikini line cleaned up and hair-free. Even a single day without shaving can mean the difference between a pleasurable pool-side experience where I can soak up the summer rays, or keeping my bottom half covered with a towel and counting the minutes until I can go home. After a few times at the pool feeling overly aware of my messy bikini line, I began looking for a better solution, and discovered tria laser hair removal review. I couldn’t believe the difference it made on my bikini line. No longer did I have to be concerned with whether or not I was able to shave before slipping into my swimsuit.

I didn’t need to worry about irritated red bumps from shaving. Instead, I could be confident showing off my bathing suit body knowing that my bikini area was smooth, clean, and free of unwanted hair and bumps. I was even able to convince my boyfriend to use it on some of the patchy areas on his back where a few stray hairs would grow. Now, we can sit poolside at the country club and be confident showing off our bodies and not our body hair as we soak up the sun, sip icy margaritas, and gain the envy of all the other poolgoers. It is a secret I am more than willing to share with anybody else at the pool who wants to know how I keep my skin so smooth and hair free!