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Neodymium N52 1-1 / 2 “X 1” Magnetic Disc Page Title NODM0291

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Product title Great Super strong Neodymium Disc Magnet N52 Earth Rare Disc Magnet 1-1 / 2 “X 1” for Science Hobby Crafts Office Refrigerator Class Setup

N52 Meta Title Large Neodymium Disc Magnets Rare Earth Disc Magnets 1-1 / 2 “X 1” For Craft Hobby Science Office Refrigerator Interesting Setup Class = = 1.5 lbs NDDM0291

Rare H1 Disc Magnet Earth

H2 Neodymium Disc Magnet

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POWER AND DURABILITY INCLUDED – With a pull force of 40 lbs, our hook magnet is very strong. Made of the strongest magnetic elements in the world, our neodymium hook magnet sets can accommodate almost anything.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE – Designed and made from high quality materials, our rare earth magnets are small, light and very strong to hang. With excellent resistance to demagnification, our magnets are perfect for temporary or permanent applications.

Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet currently made. They are extraordinarily strong for their size and have countless uses.

This disk magnet gives you countless possibilities and is ideal for a variety of endless needs! Use magnets to complete DIY projects, repair your home, lift items in your car, RV, ship & whiteboard

Because of its extraordinary strength, this magnetic disc is also used in recovery and retrieval applications, providing amazing magnetic pulls for relatively small magnets.

Because of its extraordinary strength, Neodymium Magnet Discs are also used in recovery and retrieval applications, providing amazing magnetic pulls for relatively small magnets.

Long Product Description

This Large Neodymium Disk Magnet has a diameter of 1-1 / 2 “& N52 Large Neodymium Magnet Discs Rare Earth Disc Magnets 1-1 / 2” X 1 “For Science Craft Hobbies Office Class Fridge Setting Pulling Force = 1.5 lbs NDDM0291 inside The thickness of the Magnet disc is a high-quality neodymium N52 magnet, nickel-copper-nickel covering the magnet provides a protection element and chrome-like finish.All of our neodymium magnets are patented and made based on ISO 9001 quality standards.

When it comes time to order more SKU numbers on this magnet, NDDM0291 is just to make it easier to find.

The North and South Poles are on the flat side of this Neodymium Strong Magnetic Disc.

These are neodymium disc magnets that are good for DIY personal projects as well as crafts, closures and to help keep objects secured or tied to an iron surface.

A Quick and Easy Way to Manage Your Home, Kitchen, Cruise Doors, Offices, or Workspaces is to use neodymium disk magnets to keep all spaces messy.

Are you not bored with chaos? Need more storage space?

If the answer is yes, our Strong Heavy Duty neodymium disc magnet can help with that & is the perfect storage and organizing solution for you.

Instant and Organizational Storage No mess, no glue, no screws … by clicking magnets.

Simply place a strong disk magnet on any metal surface to easily manage your kitchen, garage, home, office, office, wherever you need fast and easy storage.
Neodymium duty magnet is the perfect storage and organizing solution for you.

Any metal surface to regulate a kitchen, garage, home, office, travel or
Popular Uses for Our Magnet Discs:
Steel Doors and Shelves
Hanging Lights and Decorations
Tools, Parks and Sports Equipment
Filing Cabinets and Refrigerators
RV and Mobile Homes
Working Lockers and Gym
Magnetic Whiteboard
Cables, Cables, Washing Lines and Much More!
Kitchen equipment
Cruise Rooms and Cabinets

Treat yourself & help yourself. Take action to finally organize your life! Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” now!



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