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All About Neodymium Magnetic Balls

If you think that neodymium magnetic balls have already been widely adopted in the market but still there are more to come, well then this article is just for you. Neodymium is one of the magnetic materials that most people tend to ignore especially when they come to buying such products. The name itself defines ….  Read More

Strongest Magnet On Earth?

The question that is probably most asked by science students when they are asked to make a statement about “what is the strongest magnet on Earth?” is a very important one, and also one that has many possible answers. The answer to this question is a question of what kind of field you want to ….  Read More

Spice Jars

Considering all the choices for herb and spice jars out there, how do you know which is the best spice jar for your kitchen? These are some good finds which will help you keep herbs and spices fresh throughout the year. Every home chef knows how difficult organizing a spice rack can be. Even for ….  Read More

Rare Earth Magnets For Sale

Rare Earth magnets for sale are very common today, as we have all been using these types of magnets for so long. These magnets are a kind of magnet that has a very unusual design and are extremely useful for a lot of people today in their daily lives. Today, you can find magnets for ….  Read More

Do Magnets Exist > N52

The question is, “Do magnets stronger than an n52 magnet  really exist?” That’s a very good question that deserves an answer. There are many kinds of magnets, but they all work on similar principles. In magnets there is a repulsive force between the magnets. The attraction forces are usually described as either electrostatic or nuclear. ….  Read More

Neodymium sphere magnet

The Many Uses of Neodymium Spheres Neodymium sphere magnets are one of the most unique and exciting kinds of magnets on the market. They are very different from regular magnets in that they are very thin, making them great for use around electrical equipment, in a boat, or anywhere else that might have electrical wiring. ….  Read More