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What Can Cervical Fluid Tell You About Fertility

Many women don’t know this, but cervical fluid or cervical mucus, as it’s also called, can tell a lot about the menstrual cycle and fertility of a woman. Maybe you have noticed that your fluid doesn’t always look the same. Sometimes it is almost non-existent and on other times there is a lot of it. There are changes in the texture as well.

Many women use it to determine the days preceding their ovulation by watching the changes in their cervical fluid. They know that when fertile days are approaching, there will be more and more of the mucus every day.

On the most fertile day, the cervical mucus is stretchy, transparent and always resembling a raw egg white. Now they know that it is the right time to conceive, or avoid having sex if they are worried about becoming pregnant. Of course, this is not a real birth control method and should be avoided for this purpose. Fortunately, it’s another story when it comes to getting pregnant. By watching the state of the cervical fluid, it is easy to know when to make a baby. If you are having trouble finding the right time and day for trying to conceive, know that by knowing more about the changes in cervical mucus will help you in your efforts.