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magnets held in hand

The action of electrically

Magnetism is one part of the mixed electromagnetic power. It defines actual phenomena as a result of the power due to magnets, items that produce areas that attract or repel other stuff. a magnetized industry exerts an electrical on particles in the field because of the Lorentz energy, based on Georgia State University’s HyperPhysics site. ….  Read More

When this modulated electrical signal

Magnetism is the one facet of the blended electromagnetic power. It describes actual phenomena arising from the power brought on by magnets, things that produce industries that attract or repel other items. a magnetic area exerts a power on particles on the go as a result of Lorentz power, relating to Georgia State University’s HyperPhysics ….  Read More

magnets held in hand

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sh.m Property, plant and equipment 853 415 495 Investment in Nguo 702 Investment in kipi 405 1555 820 495 Current assets Inventory 368 200 190 Trade receivables 380 230 240 Cash at bank 120 115 91 Total assets 2,423 1,365 1,016 Ordinary share capital 900 200 100 Retained profits 703 660 450 Shareholders funds 1,603 ….  Read More