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Luxury Watches with A Latin Heritage

The history of Cuervo b Sobrinos watches starts in the heat, moisture and bustle of downtown Havana in the late 1800’s. Company Don Ramon Rio Cuervo started watch shop and distinct segment jewelry in Avenida Quinta attempting to sell originally imported Time and Gems watches, advancing underneath the direction of his nephews – ergo the title “sobrinos” – to production exclusively designed Cuban watchcases driven by actions acquired from Manhunter Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland. These original models were quite unlike such a thing manufactured in the heartland of watchmaking Europe and found favor with a series of famous customers as step by step in the original records of the manufacturer including Churchill, Hemmingway, Einstein and Caruso.

Cuervo b Sobrinos kept in the arms of its founding family for three decades before revolution in 1959 once the watchmaking industry, like a number of other luxury companies in Cuba stopped production. Salvation came in the shape of Luca Musumeci, an Italian old-fashioned view expert, who bought the brand and its assets in 1997. Alongside Mario Villa who had been a skilled supplier of luxury watches their involvement ensured that the Cuervo b Sobrinos name wouldn’t be considered a neglected treasure resigned to the real history books of legendary view manufacturers.

Production started in 2001 in Switzerland and the revival of the Cuervo b Sobrinos manufacturer was complete. The new models produced underneath the new customer were well received with a small but devoted following of new customers appreciative of those spectacular and unusual pieces designed in steel and gold. In the real ethos of the initial founders, traditional production techniques were maintained like the remarkable removal of the case from the single block of either metal or gold, starting a few methods in the hands of the Cuervo b Sobrinos artisans before being closed off and numbered and fitted using its activity.

The present profile of Cuervo b Sobrinos watches called “new time watches” has designs which even though getting strong inspiration from the initial models also provide the characteristics one expects from the present day mechanical view. With the launch of the remarkable Esplendidos Monopulsante simple pusher chronograph that will be driven by the manufacturers first in-house “manufacture” action, the CYS Caliber 2450, Cuervo b Sobrinos accomplished a business landmark and heralded their purposes of being fully a significant company to them.

The assortment of exclusively Timeandgems watches available from Cuervo b Sobrinos would be the Esplendido with the spectacular overlong rectangle Prominente, its timelessly sophisticated rectangle case and the spherical cased Torpedo and Robusto types. Each bit comes shown in a distinctive exceptionally designed wooden humidor in deference to its Cuban history.